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We love spending time outside, enjoying a getaway from the city life stress and creating memories, and for years we’ve been across the globe doing it all: camping, trekking, hunting, fishing… you name it. But things have not always been as great as they are now.

When you start going on your first adventures, realizing that outdoor activities can be fun and improve your mood, and that you feel mentally recharged even though your body aches, everything is perfect. Until your first flu, because your jacket is actually not that warm. Or your first sleepless night, because the sleeping bag is not comfortable. Of even your first fall, because the boots you bought are slippery.

As we’ve done it all, we’ve seen it all: equipment seems trivial but it will ruin your getaway if you don’t choose it right. And guess what? It’s difficult to choose it right. But that’s why we’re here: to help you reach the next level. Are you ready?

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