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Can Tents Be Repaired?

Invest time and some money in your tool repair kit - it will be worth it
It’s really saddening to experience that while you’re ready to catch some Zs after a long day of hiking, only ...
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What Are Stealth Tents?

Ever felt like you needed to disappear into the wilderness without leaving a trace? A stealth tent is like the ...
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Decontamination Tent

Sure, you’ve already spotted those weird-looking tents at accident scenes.  Basically, it looks like a human car wash, but instead ...
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Hidden Gems, Part 3: Karlu Karlu

Ever dreamt of camping under the stars, surrounded by massive boulders that look like they’ve been dropped from the sky? ...
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Viking Tents

Sick of pitching the same old, boring tents every time you go camping?  Check out these Viking tents. It’s like ...
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Indian Wedding Tent

Indian weddings are full-blown extravaganzas with lots of intricate colors, intricate decorations, and music that’ll get you grooved like nobody’s ...
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Hidden Gems, Part 2: Sinkyone Wilderness State Park

Have you ever dreamed of getting away from it all?  Of leaving the noise, crowds, and stress of daily life ...
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What Is a Two Story Tent?

You know those regular, boring tents that are just a simple one-level shelter?  It’s time to literally take things to ...
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Hidden Gems, Part 1: Mystery Bay, NSW

Have you heard of Mystery Bay?  If not, you’re seriously missing out on one of the most epic camping spots ...
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How Do You Get Rid of Mold on a Tent?

Natural solutions are the best ones to get rid of mold!
We know: finding your canvas tent marred by mold can quickly kill your outdoor spirits.  Don’t worry though, because getting ...
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What Is a Gym Tent?

Working out can be a total drag sometimes, especially when you’re cooped up in a stuffy indoor gym.  But what ...
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The Guide On When You Should Blackout Your Tent

Using simple blackout materials to cover your tent does wonders
Have you ever been yanked out of dreamland by the sun while camping?  It’s like nature’s alarm clock, except you ...
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What Is a Sail Tent?

If you’re planning an outdoor event and want a unique, eye-catching venue, sail tents should definitely be on your radar.  ...
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What is a Portable Observatory Tent?

Suppose you’re an amateur astronomer who’s been dreaming of having your own personal observatory that you can set up literally ...
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Burning Man Tents

The Burning Man tent should be a reflection of your individual style and the vibe you want to create Your ...
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Eco-Friendly Tents

Feeling guilty about leaving those campsites looking like a mess after an epic outdoor adventure? We know exactly how you ...
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How Are Tents Used?

The military uses tents for all sorts of things
Tents are extremely versatile and, if you choose them carefully, you can use them for completely different purposes.  You see ...
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How Do You Air Out a Tent?

If you still don't start airing out your tent after this article, we have failed
Nothing can ruin a camping trip faster than waking up in a damp, musty tent.  Having your tent wet is ...
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Tents for Fishing

Are you thinking of taking your fishing game to something more challenging? You’re not the only one. But to make ...
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Is It Safe to Sleep in a Moldy Tent?

You don't need to know the scientific details of mold as long as you know to avoid it
What happens when your trusty tent starts looking a little…funky? With musty smells and nasty patches of fuzz? You’ve got ...
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