Cabin Tents: The Ultimate Guide

A typical cabin tent. As you can see, the ceiling is not curved like a dome tent but remains fairly squared
As you can see, the ceiling is not curved like a dome tent but remains fairly squared

New to the world of tents?

Or have already been camping with friends or family but the words cabin tents still don’t mean much?

Worry not, we got you.

You can always ignore this article, but don’t complain if your kids argue about the tent you chose for your next trip.

What is a Cabin Tent?

Cabin tents are one type in the universe of tents
Cabin tents are one type in the universe of tents

Cabin tents, also known as wall tents, have vertical walls, making them look like a cabin, as opposed to the more traditional dome tents, where the walls converge towards the middle and are not vertical but more diagonal.

Before we deep dive on cabin style tents and as a rule of thumb, always pick durable canvas tents, as polyester or nylon are not very resistant to adverse weather conditions.


Pros and cons are a basic analysis that you should run for everything
Pros and cons are a basic analysis that you should run for everything

Although they also tend to be taller than dome tents due to their cabin-like structure, and are also more expensive than other types of tents, cabin tents have great benefits:

  • Are super spacious: they can accommodate multiple campers (you can use it for a romantic getaway with your significant other or for large groups of 10 people) but also let you achieve a unique level of comfort (by taking large mattresses to upgrade your sleeping conditions or even preparing a screen room for your children)

  • Let people dress comfortably as they have a lot of space and headroom

  • Provide additional privacy to families as they have multiple rooms and doors that separate the different divisions of the tent


There aren't perfect things in life
There aren’t perfect things in life

However, this article would be incomplete if we didn’t mention some disadvantages of cabin tents.

As with all tents and even non-camping things, cabin tents are not perfect:

  • The extra interior space comes at a price: cabin style tents tend to be heavy and bulky and with low portability

    • It’s always a good ide to bring a vehicle to transport it, because carrying around this weight will not be a pleasant experience

  • Cabin style tents’ materials and shapes provide great comfort and headroom, but are also vulnerable to strong wind

    • Plus, their flattish structure on top (vs. dome tents) makes them an easy target to heavy snow – you may experience loud noises or even some damage in this climate

    • They are great for hot weather though, given all its windows and great ventilation

  • Some tents’ cabin structure makes it very hard to set it up on your own

    • Please buy easy setup cabin tents

Ultimately, it’s up to you and your family to decide whether a cabin tent is the best choice for your next trip or you’ll be better off with a different tent.

The Universe of Tents

There are dozens of different tents
There are dozens of different tents

If you’ve read the article until now and are telling yourself that a cabin tent is not for you and that you need a different canvas tent, this section is for you.

Think of a cabin tent as a parent, with multiple different tents as children.

There are so many variations and styles of cabin tents that you would be better off not reading this article at all rather than not reading it completely.

Your type of cabin tent is out there, you just need to know what you are looking for and what exists.

The Luxury Tent

The sky is the limit in terms of how you can boost your camping experience with luxury perks

When you want to take your camping experience to the next level (a.k.a. go from camping to glamping), this is where your eyes should go.

A luxury tent is a cabin tent on steroids: a tent with so many perks that other campers will envy you.

However, these are not cheap, so bear that in mind.

As an example, you can include the following items when preparing your glamping experience:

  1. A large screen room

  2. A cooler

  3. A portable shower

  4. A wireless speaker

  5. Top notch inflatable mattresses

  6. Etc etc – you can read more on our article dedicated to luxury tents

The Inflatable Tent

These will save you a lot of time when being set up
These will save you a lot of time when being set up

Remember when we wrote that some cabin tents are not very portable and are hard to set up?

Here’s your solution: an inflatable tent will solve your problems and still provide a spacious interior for larger groups or families.

However, there is a catch: durability is not the best.

The Hunting Tent

Don't use these unless you know what you're doing
Don’t use these unless you know what you’re doing

This one is the opposite of the luxury camping tent, as it prioritizes practicality over luxury.

The hunting cabin is only there to store the essentials, so the camper can focus on going hunting in the mountains and spending very little time inside.

These tents normally have a simple sleeping bag, some hygiene supplies and cooking gear but not much.

Don’t expect to sleep on a screened porch and definitely don’t use these if you’re not in the hunting mindset.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article opened your eyes to the world of cabin tents, as we feel that although there are a lot of variations of these, this is not really common knowledge.

We will be releasing more articles on cabin tents, but this one is a good starting point.

As a final piece of advice, always choose waterproof tents in case it pours and 4-season tents to stay strong on those hot days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Heavy-Duty Tent?

Basically a heavier tent that normally is made of aluminum to be more resistant to wind and snow.

Is a Dome Tent or Cabin Better?

There’s no correct answer as it depends on your objectives. Overall would say dome tent if you are a small group of friends and don’t really care about luxury; cabin if going with a large group or want a fancy getaway with the family.

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