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Camping in the Backyard

Don't underestimate the experience of camping in the backyard; if properly done, it can be amazing
Don’t underestimate the experience of camping in the backyard; if properly done, it can be amazing

Looking for a break from the daily grind but lacking the time for a traditional camping trip?

Good news: we’ve been there and found the solution.

It’s called backyard camping.

And it’s a great opportunity to experience nature, strengthen relationships with your loved ones, and create memories for life, all without having to travel far away.


Learn how backyard camping is your chance to enjoy the great outdoors without the hassles of packing, lengthy journeys, or campground reservations.

Why Camp in Your Backyard?

it's a mistake to never consider backyard camping
it’s a mistake to never consider backyard camping

There are several benefits of backyard camping:

  • Convenience: your campground is close by, so there’s no need to drive far

  • Family-Friendly: comfortable and safe for families with small children or animals

  • Save time: by camping more often rather than traveling long distances

  • Save money: by avoiding pricey lodging and travel expenses

Getting Ready for the Adventure

Are you ready?
Are you ready?

A successful backyard camping trip depends on careful planning.

Don’t slack off on this.

Equipment Inspection

Check your camping gear before you begin your adventure:

  • Make sure that your tent is in good condition and consider waterproofing it

  • Grab comfortable air mattresses or sleeping bags for the night

  • Bring camp chairs for leisure and gatherings around the campfire

  • Pack solar-powered lights, lanterns, or flashlights for visibility at night

  • Take cooking utensils like a portable stove and cookware

Take Time to Choose the Location

Finding a good spot in your backyard is important to guarantee a great camping trip:

  • Choose a flat surface to prevent any sleeping pain

  • Establish your camp next to a water supply and a bathroom that is accessible

  • Set up camp in a location shielded from strong winds and with some shade (especially if you’re camping in the Summer)

Dealing With the Weather

Weather forecasts are your best friend when planning a camping trip
Weather forecasts are your best friend when planning a camping trip

Rule #1: always check the weather forecasts.

You need to know what to expect in your trip, otherwise there’s a real chance it will be a disaster.

Also, don’t forget to bring proper clothes and rain gear to be ready for sudden changes in the weather.

Include Everyone

Talk about your camping adventure plans with your family or friends, get them involved in the planning, and assign duties to make it a team effort.


Make a safety plan that includes a first aid kit, fire safety procedures, and emergency contact details.

Campfire Snacks

Set up a dedicated kitchen with the tools to quickly make meals.
Set up a dedicated kitchen with the tools to quickly make meals

Delicious Food

Enjoy delicious meals served directly at your campground to please your palate.

We’ve written about camping meals here.

Lots of Grilling

Cook succulent hamburgers, chicken kebabs, and veggie kebabs on a portable grill.

Eggs and bacon cooked on the barbecue make a great breakfast.


Enjoy delicious delicacies like fruit cobbler or banana boats with chocolate and almonds.

Have Fun and Stay Entertained

We haven't met anyone who doesn't enjoy stargazing
We haven’t met anyone who doesn’t enjoy stargazing

Camping is all about having a good time.

There are numerous ways of having fun, and the sky is the limit, but here are some ways that made our trips epic.

Sky Watching

On clear evenings, arrange some pillows and blankets and lay down comfortably, just stargazing.

Your children will never forget it.

Scavenger Hunt

Create a treasure hunt using nature-related clues.

Movie Night Outside

Use a big screen to project movies outside (or, if you have a massive tent, inside).

Outdoor Projects

Make enjoyable crafts with pebbles, pinecones, glow sticks, and leaves from your backyard.

Fireside Sports

Play activities like charades, storytelling, and sing campfire songs.

The campfire creates the best memories.

Accepting the Weather Conditions

If you panic with changes in the weather, then camping isn't for you
If you panic with changes in the weather, then camping isn’t for you

if you’ve been camping for a while, you know that a big part of the experience is to know how to deal and accept the different weather conditions.


Heavy rain doesn’t necessarily mean that your adventure is over.

Stay dry and warm inside your tent, or get an oversized cover if it rains.

And we hope that by now you have a waterproof tent….


The same logic goes for hot weather: it doesn’t have to ruin your camping trip.

As long as you use fans and stay hydrated, there’s no reason you have to cancel your adventure.


Layer your clothing, use warm sleeping bags, and huddle around the campfire in colder weather.

Exploring Wildlife in Your Backyard

There's likely wildlife you've never seen in your backyard
There’s likely wildlife you’ve never seen in your backyard

Unless you’re living in an apartment in the city center, your backyard will likely have some wildlife.

Why not admire it with your children?

Watching Birds

Install a head inside a bird feeder to attract visitors with brightly colored feathers.

Recognizing Bugs

Use a field guide to identify insects and understand their role in the Planet.

Nighttime Animals

During the night, watch nocturnal creatures like owls or bats.

Creating Memories

Journaling is one of the most underrated activities - don't make the mistake everyone is making
Journaling is one of the most underrated activities – don’t make the mistake everyone is making

If you don’t have good memories from your camping trips in the past, you’re doing something wrong.

If that’s the case, we’re sorry to hear that.

The good news though is that you can change this going forward:

  • Bring your smartphone to capture beautiful views and natural family moments

  • Journaling: While camping, keep a diary to record your impressions, ideas, and emotions

    • This is great to show your kids some years later – they’ll thank you then

  • Encourage children to make art inspired by nature using materials they may find in your backyard

Creating Ties with Loved Ones and Friends

You'll never forget the jokes and stories shared by the campfire
You’ll never forget the jokes and stories shared by the campfire

A backyard campout is a fun activity and a great way to deepen ties with your loved ones:

When around the campfire:

  1. Do fun things

  2. Tell jokes, remember stories, and laugh

  3. Bring your favorite board games along

Have meaningful talks while outside under the stars.

This is even more special if you do it with your partner. Few things are more romantic than admiring the clear sky with your partner.


Use backyard camping to disconnect from the stress of the daily life
Use backyard camping to disconnect from the stress of the daily life

Use this opportunity to unplug from technology:

  • Put your phone and other gadgets away for a digital detox so you can enjoy your camping trip to the fullest

  • Practice mindfulness by observing the views, sounds, and smells

  • Spend quality time with friends and family in a fun way that strengthens relationships

Children’s Safety Advice

Never ignore the safety of young summer camp goers:

  • Always keep an eye on young kids when they’re playing outside and around the campfire

  • Make sure you use insect repellent to avoid insect bites

  • Encourage them to drink plenty of water, particularly in warm weather, to stay hydrated


Hopefully, by reading this article you’ve found that you don’t actually have to go far away to enjoy camping and reconnect with nature.

Create precious moments with your loved ones while participating in enjoyable, fun activities and delectable backyard campfire feasts.

Finally, remember to camp safely and responsibly, leaving your property just as lovely and spotless as you found it.