Camping Meals

A great camper always knows 2-3 good camping meals
A great camper always knows 2-3 good camping meals

Pumped for your next camping trip? You should. Forget about burnt hotdogs; it’s time to enjoy some delicious meals that’ll have your taste buds doing a happy dance around the campfire.

Don’t worry if you’re a kitchen newbie, these are super easy.

Grab your camp cooking gear, call your friends and family, and let’s get campfire cooking!

Packing Essentials

First up, packing. Don’t leave your place without these must-have camping meal items:

  • Cooler stuffed with ice packs to keep food fresh

  • Portable camp stove

  • Pots, pans, plates, utensils

  • Water and fuel – bring some extra for cooking, cleaning & drinking

Check, check and double check! It’s always easy to forget stuff, so pay attention.

Once you have all the essentials, you’re ready to roll.

Easy Camping Meals with a Twist

Say goodbye to boring & old camping meals and get ready for some easy recipes with a delicious twist.


Swap out plain chocolate for peanut butter cups, Nutella, or fruit slices sandwiched between those crispy Golden Grahams. And we mean those perfectly golden marshmallows – no burnt blobs!


Kick these s’mores up a notch! Swap the regular chocolate and Graham crackers for combos like peanut butter cups, Nutella, or fruity slices.

And, of course, roast those marshmallows to perfection – who even enjoys crunchy marshmallows?


Can you really have breakfast without hotdogs?
Can you really have breakfast without hotdogs?

Yeah, we know that hot dogs are a camping staple.

But trust us: ditch the ketchup and mustard this time and slice them up and sauté in BBQ sauce, honey, or baked beans and the flavor will make you go crazy.

Pro tip: grill pineapple rings on the side to reach the next level.

Grilled Cheese

There’s nothing like gooey grilled cheese over the fire. After all, it’s a campfire classic, right?

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t spice things up a bit.

Grab some thick slices of bread, load them with melty cheese, and toss in some fun extras.

Your campfire, your rules!

Chili Time

Warm up chilly nights with a hearty pot of campfire chili.

Sauté beef, peppers and onions, then add tomatoes, beans, corn, and spices.

Toss in chopped hot dogs at the end and top with shredded cheese, onions, and sour cream, and you’re all set.

Pasta Veggies

Looking for a warm & healthy lunch? Vegetable pasta always gets the job done
Looking for a warm & healthy lunch? Vegetable pasta always gets the job done

Whether you’re preparing lunch or dinner, a good veggie pasta always delivers:

  • Boil the noodles, drain them, then toss with oil

  • Throw in chopped broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, and feta cheese

  • Enjoy!

Banana Dessert

This banana dessert will make you beg for more, and it’s very simple to make.

  1. Grab a banana and halve it

  2. Fill it with chocolate chips, marshmallows or peanut butter

  3. Wrap it in foil

  4. Grill it

  5. And thank us later!


Who says you can’t have quesadillas in the great outdoors?

  1. Grab tortilla chips, cheese, and your favorite fillings (chicken, veggies, or beans)

  2. Place it in a foil packet

  3. Seal it up

  4. Toss it on the grill or campfire grate

  5. Wait a bit

  6. Voila!

You now have a cheesy and delicious meal ready to go for your chilly camping adventures.

Easy Camp Cooking Methods

Making a stew while camping is not hard - what are you waiting for?
Making a stew while camping is not hard – what are you waiting for?

Still not cooking while camping? Or worse, not going camping because you think you can’t cook?

Nowadays, the possibilities you have around cooking while camping are almost endless… so there’s really no excuse.

Don’t believe us?

Just take a look at what you can use to cook your favorite camping meals:

  1. Campfire

  2. Dutch oven

  3. Grilling

  4. Foil packets

  5. Portable stove

  6. Solar oven

With a bit of preparation before your adventure, these will give you delicious meals and unforgettable camping experiences.

Things to Remember

Yes, we know that camping’s a blast and that cooking different meals really hits the spot.

And we’re all for it…

… Assuming each and everyone takes the necessary precautions to ensure safety.

Not sure you remember all of them? We have you covered:

  • Keep it easy: stick to simple camping recipes. Remember: you’re not a chef

  • Prep before: chop veggies, measure spices, and marinate meats at home to keep things efficient

  • Clean up on the go: avoid a dish mountain by washing up between meals

  • Safety always: stick to designated fire spots, keep flammable stuff away, and keep an eye on any kids around flames

  • Stay clean: wash your hands, utensils, and surfaces.

    • Bonus points if you bring biodegradable soap to make your trip eco-friendly

  • Enjoy the ride: camping meals are about fun, not perfection

And finally, remember: campsites have rules for a reason.

Be a cool camper and follow them – it pays off in the long run.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. Camping meals are easy, fun, and tasty.

Grab your supplies, gather your friends, and get ready for camping trips filled with laughter, stories, and seriously tasty camping food.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Instant Food Can You Take Camping?

There’s a bunch of them. Good ones are instant oatmeal packets, cups of noodles, canned goods, instant mac and cheese cups, granola bars, and beef jerky.

What Food Should I Take If I Don’t Plan on Cooking?

No time to cook? Not a problem. You can bring sandwiches, fresh fruits and vegetables, hummus and pita, guacamole chips, and yogurt cups. Also, bringing a pre cooked grilled chicken never disappoints.

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