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How to Hide a Tent in the Woods

When hiding a tent in the woods, choosing the right spot is key
Tired of crowded campgrounds? Craving a real off-the-grid adventure? Stealth camping is the name of the game! Just pitch your ...
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Can You Rent Tents?

Yes, renting a tent can be a convenient and cost-effective option
We all know that camping gear can be crazy expensive. Good-quality camping tents, sleeping bags, and all other outdoor essentials ...
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How to Paint a Tent?

Painting a tent is a great way to personalize it and make it stand out
Ready to paint your tent? Camping in a basic tan or green tent is kinda boring these days. Why settle ...
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How To Camp With A Dog

You know what’s better than pitching a tent out in nature? Pitching it with your favorite furry adventure buddy! Dogs ...
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What Is An Attic Tent?

An attic tent is a simple but effective solution to reduce energy waste in your home
So you got this hole in your ceiling that leads straight up to the attic, you know? And let us ...
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What Are Tent Cities?

Temporary communities or makeshift shelters, often due to homelessness, are known as tent cities
You’ve definitely noticed those tent cities springing up in cities all over the place, right? It’s where homeless people set ...
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What is a Safari Tent?

Luxurious and spacious, the safari tent provides a comfortable camping experience
Picture this: you get to crash in a huge, decked-out tent with cushy beds, rugs, lights, and other fancy stuff ...
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How to Make Coffee While Camping

Few things are better than starting your day with a cup of coffee
For some of us, coffee isn’t just a beverage—it’s a way of life. Morning air hits differently without the first ...
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How to Go Camping With No Tent

Sleeping under the stars without a tent is totally doable
Can you really go camping without a tent? Is that even a thing? Let’s be real—when most of us think ...
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Tents: Advantages and Disadvantages

Tents offer numerous advantages and also come with trade-offs, so make a wise choice
Trying to figure out what kind of tent is best? Feeling pumped but also overwhelmed by all the options out ...
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Why Do You Need Tent Carpet?

Setting up a carpet tent can be done in a few easy steps
Camping can be super fun! Until you have to sleep on the hard, freezing ground in a tent… That’s not ...
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What is an Arabian Tent?

Setting up an Arabian tent can be done following some simple steps
Are you planning an event and are tired of seeing the same tents over and over again? If you’re a ...
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What is an Industrial Storage Tent?

These large temporary industrial storage tents are used to store equipment, inventory, or materials
Massive temporary warehouse structures are popping up on construction sites worldwide to store heavy machinery, building materials, inventory, and more. ...
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What is a Refugee Tent?

Refugee tents provide temporary housing for displaced individuals and families fleeing conflict
In times of crisis (wars or natural disasters), many people have to abandon their homes in a rush and find ...
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Tents For Senior Citizens

Tents for senior citizens have some particularities
Ever wanted to take your parents or grandparents on a tent camping trip? You’re not the only one. Camping trips ...
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Are Grow Tents a Fire Hazard?

A grow tent can become a fire hazard only if proper precautions are not taken
If you grow weeds or plants in an indoor grow tent, there is no way you can ignore fire safety. ...
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What Is a Stretch Tent?

This billowy cloud-shaped stretch tent is perfect for stylish events
Do you enjoy preparing events? And are looking to take things to the next level? Then you can’t afford not ...
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Tents Without Guy Ropes

Yes, you can set up your tent without any guy ropes
Most tents need guy ropes staked into the ground to keep the structure sturdily standing, especially if you’re camping in ...
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Fast Pitch Tent vs. Instant Tent

Who doesn’t want an instant tent that pitches in seconds?
You’re about to gear up for your next camping adventure and have started thinking about which tent to snag – ...
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Bell Tents: Pros and Cons

Bell tents can last for years of outdoor trips
If you enjoy camping or have friends who camp regularly, then we’re willing to bet that you’ve heard of bell ...
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