Do Sauna Tents Work?

You can now enjoy the benefits of a sauna without building the whole room

Portability and Convenience

Portable saunas, especially tent saunas, are built to be easy to use.

Whether you live in a small apartment or are looking for an outdoor sauna experience, a sauna tent can be set up virtually anywhere. They are lightweight and very easy to set up, which makes them a popular choice for people who rent homes or have limited space.

Heat Sources

A traditional sauna (those cubicles/small houses with a glass door) normally uses a built-in stove and is heated with wood or electricity, combined with sauna rocks to maintain high temperatures.

Sauna tents replicate this with a sauna tent stove: a smaller, and most times, portable heat source that either uses wood or is electrically powered (this will depend on the model of the sauna tent). Adding sauna rocks makes the experience even more authentic, creating the classic steam sauna environment when water is sprinkled over.

The Sauna Experience

When it comes to the actual sauna session, the key factors are heat and humidity.

Sauna tents do a great job trapping heat, although the intensity may be different than a traditional sauna. Some sauna tent models are made of materials that retain heat and humidity, ensuring a solid sauna session.

However, always remember that the experience may not be as intense as if you went to a traditional, well-sealed & wooden sauna – so manage your expectations.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of doing sauna are endless

Most people seek out saunas for their health benefits, and sauna tents do not disappoint in this arena.

While the experience vs. a traditional sauna might be a bit different, the key benefits like detoxification through sweating, relaxation, and improved circulation are still there with a tent sauna.


A great advantage of portable saunas is how easy & cheap maintenance is when compared to traditional ones.

Sauna tents are simpler to clean and there’s no need for extensive work like replacing wood or dealing with mold and mildew, which are common concerns for traditional sauna owners.

Sauna tents are also considerably cheaper than a traditional sauna.

Final Thoughts

While a sauna tent offers a different experience than a traditional sauna, especially in the intensity of heat and the overall ambiance, sauna tents are very effective & are much cheaper. Above all, sauna tents do work.

Remember, however, that like all health and wellness products, each person will have a different experience and that it’s crucial to use the sauna tent following the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Primary Health Benefits of Using a Sauna Tent?

Sauna tents contribute to overall wellness, including detoxification through sweating, easing muscle soreness, improving cardiovascular health, and enhancing relaxation and stress relief.

Can Sauna Suits be Used Inside Sauna Tents?

Generally we don’t recommend you wear a sauna suit inside a sauna tent. Sauna suits are used to increase perspiration during physical activities, while sauna tents are meant to induce sweating through heat exposure. If you decide to try to combine both, you will likely feel extremely uncomfortable and may even face potential health risks due to excessive heat and dehydration. Don’t risk it.

Dry Sauna vs. Steam Sauna?

Dry saunas operate using only heat (similar to most sauna tents). A steam sauna goes one step further: besides heat, they create high humidity. However, depending on the models, some sauna tents let you add water to hot sauna rocks to create a steam sauna environment, so not all hope is lost.

Are Sauna Tents Suitable for Use as Winter Tents During Camping Trips?

No. Sauna tents can provide warmth but they are not meant to replace winter tents. They are built for short-duration heat exposure for health and relaxation purposes and not for prolonged stays or sleeping, especially in bad weather conditions.

Can Sauna Tents Be Used During Camping Trips?

Yes. Many sauna tents are easy to carry and can be taken along on camping trips. They’re also easy to set up and take down, so if you’re taking your car to your trip, definitely consider taking a sauna tent too.

Are Sauna Tents Safe to Use?

Most sauna tents use electric heaters or portable wood-burning stoves that are built to be safe in enclosed spaces. However, you should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for setup, use, and ventilation.

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