Games For Campers

Make sure you plan some games for your next camping trip!
Make sure you plan some games for your next camping trip!

There’s nothing like packing your stuff, pitching a tent, and getting close to nature! But real talk: even the most awesome outdoor views can get boring after a while.

That’s where camping games come in: they’re the key to keeping the fun vibes alive and making your next camping trip epic!

We’ve got a sick list of 23 games that’ll keep you and your squad entertained: from old-school classics to new faves, these games will teach the kids teamwork, sharpen your problem-solving skills, and, most importantly, make sure everyone has a blast.

Ready to get this party started? Let’s go!

Games are one of the best camping activities you can prepare
Games are one of the best camping activities you can prepare

Classic Camping Games for All Ages

Remember the good old days when games were simple but fun? These classic camping games have withstood the test of time for a reason—they’re just that epic!

Whether you’re playing with the little ones or the big kids, these activities will unlock everyone’s inner child.

Trust us, it’s gonna be a riot!

1) Nature Scavenger Hunt

Going on a wild nature scavenger hunt
Going on a wild nature scavenger hunt

Who doesn’t love a classic scavenger hunt, right?

The Nature Scavenger Hunt is a great way to connect with nature and have a blast at the same time. A true win-win situation!

How to play:

  • Create a list of items in nature for campers to find (e.g., pinecone, wildflower, feather, etc.—the sky is the limit!);

  • Provide a bag that teams can use to collect the items;

  • The first team to find all the items wins. Simple as that!

Wanna make it more challenging? Let’s hear your twist on this classic!

2) Campfire Charades

The campfire is the heart of any camping trip. Why not turn it up a notch with some hilarious games around the flames?

Campfire Charades is another awesome game to play when you’re camping. Check it:

How to play:

  • Write down camping-related words or phrases on different pieces of paper;

  • Campers take turns acting out the word without speaking while others guess;

  • The first person to guess correctly wins.

Trust us, this one’s a surefire way to get the laughs going!

3) Ghost Stories by the Campfire

If you're a large group, make sure you reserve one night to sit by the campfire and share stories
If you’re a large group, make sure you reserve one night to sit by the campfire and share stories

Are you really camping if someone doesn’t tell a spooky ghost story? Nah, didn’t think so.

Gather ’round the campfire and take turns sharing scary tales that’ll give you goosebumps. And bring marshmallows to make it extra cozy!

How to play:

  • Sit in a circle around the campfire;

  • Each camper takes turns telling a ghost story;

  • Encourage creativity and suspense to make the stories more thrilling;

  • While there’s no winner, the person with the scariest story wins.

Got any crazy ghost stories to share? We’re all ears!

4) Stump the Stars

It's never a bad idea to just look at the stars
It’s never a bad idea to just look at the stars

Stargazing while camping is just magical, isn’t it? Bet you can’t get enough of those twinkling lights up there.

With “Stump the Stars,” you get to turn stargazing into an epic game! Campers take turns challenging each other to identify constellations and celestial objects. Sounds fun, right?

How to play:

  • Lie on a blanket or sit on camping chairs while gazing at the stars;

  • Take turns pointing out constellations or stars and challenging your group to identify them;

  • Use a stargazing app or guidebook to confirm answers.

  • Bonus points if you know the stars by memory and don’t need to use a guidebook!

5) Animal Tracking

Wanna feel like a real-nature detective? Then animal tracking is where it’s at.

This game lets you learn all about the local wildlife and their habits by hunting for their tracks and signs. Pretty cool, huh?

How to play:

  • Give guides and information on local animals and their tracks;

  • You and your group explore the area, looking for tracks, scats, and other signs of animals;

  • People should then identify and document their findings.

But safety first! Don’t go looking for dangerous animals like wolves or wild boars.

6) Storytelling Contest

There’s just something special about swapping stories around a crackling campfire, isn’t there?

How to play:

  • Each camper takes turns telling a short story;

  • Don’t be afraid to be creative, humorous, and suspenseful;

  • After each story, the group can vote for their favorite storyteller.

Get ready for major laughs and maybe even some goosebumps!

Board and Card Games for Campers

Having a few old board and card games on hand can be a lifesaver
Having a few old board and card games on hand can be a lifesaver

Sometimes you just have to go old-school with some classic board games and cards. They’re perfect for those rainy days stuck in the tent or chilling after hiking all day.

7) Uno

No list of camping games would be complete without the iconic Uno.

This card game is a true classic that’s perfect for players of all ages and skill levels. Get ready for some friendly trash-talking and intense strategy sessions!

How to play:

  • Deal 7 cards to each player

  • Match a card from your hand to the top card on the discard pile by number, color, or symbol

  • Be the first to play all your cards to win.

Who can handle the heat of an intense Uno battle?

8) Catan

Looking for a board game that’s all about strategy, managing resources, and a little bit of luck?

Say no more, campers—Catan is where it’s at! This classic will have you and your campmates hooked as you compete to build settlements and claim that sweet victory.

The rules:

  • Gather and trade resources to build roads, settlements, and cities

  • Earn points for your achievements

  • First to 10 points wins!

Again, it’s all about strategies, so why not ask for winning tips and tricks from Catan experts?

Active Games for Campers

Getting your camp crew pumped up with some active games and physical activities
Getting your camp crew pumped up with some active games and physical activities

Sure, chilling by the fire is great. But sometimes you just gotta get up and get moving, right?

These active camping games will get your blood pumping and add so much fun to your trip!

9) Capture the Flag

Who doesn’t love a game of Capture the Flag?

It’s a timeless classic combining strategy, teamwork, and sneakiness. And perfect for big groups too.

Let’s play:

  • Split into two teams

  • Each team hides their flag somewhere in their territory

  • Try to capture the other team’s flag while defending your own

  • If you get tagged in the other team’s territory, you’re “Jailed” until your teammates rescue you

Prepare for an epic battle, campers – who’s gonna reign supreme?

10) Sardines

Raise your hand if you loved playing Hide and Seek as a kid!

Sardines puts a fun little twist on that classic game.

Here’s how it goes:

  • One person is “It” and hides somewhere

  • The rest of you try to find the hider

  • But here’s the kicker – once you find them, you squeeze in and hide with them silently

  • Last person to find the hiding spot loses!

Can you imagine how crazy crowded that final hiding spot will be?

11) Water Balloon Toss

Get a little wet and make the most of this timeless water balloon toss game
Get a little wet and make the most of this timeless water balloon toss game

Stay Cool, Stay Dry?

Camping near a lake or river? This game is an absolute must! The Water Balloon Toss is all about coordination, balance, and most importantly – trying not to get soaked!

Let’s do this:

  • Pair up into teams of two

  • Each pair gets a water balloon and faces off

  • With each successful throw/catch, take a step back

  • Last duo with an unbroken balloon wins!

Simple rules, but can you handle the wet and wild action? Bring a change of dry clothes, campers!

12) Flashlight Tag

Regular tag too boring for you? Wait till you try the flashlight version!

This night game will have you running, hiding, and being straight-up blinded by the light.

One two three, let’s go:

  • Pick someone to be the “Finder” with a flashlight

  • The rest scatter and hide in the darkness

  • The Finder roams around, tagging people by shining the light on them

  • Tagged players go back to base before they can hide again

Raise your hand if you’re up for an illuminating good time! And be the last one blinded by the light.

13) Blindfolded Nature Walk

This unique game will really put your senses to the test as you experience nature in a whole new way. No peeking allowed!

The rules are simple:

  • Take turns being blindfolded

  • The seeing crew guides the blindo through nature

  • Use all your other senses to the max – touch, smell, listen

  • Afterwards, share what you experienced!

Which one of your senses is the strongest? Get ready to find out!

14) Tug of War

Ah yes, the classic strength and teamwork game – Tug of War! No beaches required for this fierce rope battle.

Let the games begin:

  • Divide into two teams

  • Mark a line and place the rope right in the center

  • Each team grabs one end of that rope

  • Pull with all your might to get the rope over the line!

Physically strong people, assemble! This game is made for you.

15) Camouflage

Camouflage is one of the great camping activities you can do
Camouflage is one of the great camping activities you can do

Think you’ve got mad camouflaging skills? Well, put them to the test with this epic round of hide-and-seek!

Here’s the deal:

  • One person is “It” and has to cover their eyes

  • Everyone else finds hiding spots and blends in using nature things

  • When “It” starts seeking, you CANNOT MOVE

  • Last hider found wins!

We’ve heard stories of campers turning themselves into legit bushes and rocks. You crafty camouflagers ready to show off?

16) Campsite Olympics

Create your own Campsite Olympics by setting up a series of fun challenges and games in your campsite where everyone can compete. This is a great way to teach your children lessons of teamwork and sportsmanship!

How to play:

  • Plan a variety of games, such as sack races, frisbee golf, or three-legged races;

  • Campers compete in these games, earning points for their teams if they win;

  • Award medals or prizes to the winning team at the end of the competition.

This is the perfect way to get those competitive juices flowing.

17) Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling

Consider transforming your camping area into a cosmic bowling alley with Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling
Consider transforming your camping area into a cosmic bowling alley with Glow-in-the-Dark Bowling

Whether you’re a seasoned striker or a total newbie, this illuminated version of bowling is sure to have your entire crew laughing and cheering late into the starry night.

How to play:

  • Set up empty plastic bottles at one end of your campsite;

  • Fill the bottles with a small amount of water and insert glow sticks;

  • Use a glow-in-the-dark ball or a regular ball with glow sticks attached;

  • Take turns rolling the ball to knock down the glowing pins.

Yes for bowling and make it glow!

Eating and Drinking Games for Campers

Good old-fashioned games centered around food and drinks
Good old-fashioned games centered around food and drinks

Sometimes, a camping trip just isn’t complete without a few eating and drinking games thrown into the mix.

These fun and silly activities are perfect for letting loose with your camping buddies (just remember to drink responsibly!).

18) Watermelon Eating Contest

A Watermelon Eating Contest is a refreshing way to bring some friendly competition to your camping trip. Try it out!

How to play:

  • Give each camper a slice of watermelon;

  • Campers must eat the watermelon without using their hands;

  • The first camper to finish its slice wins.

Already see the juice dribbling down your chins? Yum or yuck?

19) Never Have I Ever

This classic drinking game is a fantastic way to learn all sorts of juicy details about your fellow campers.

How to play:

  • Take turns making statements starting with “Never have I ever…”

  • and watch as everyone takes a sip whenever they’ve done the thing mentioned.

Arts and Talents Showcase

Hosting an art and talent showcase around the campfire
Hosting an art and talent showcase around the campfire

Every camping trip is filled with a diverse group of individuals, each with their own unique skills and talents. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to showcase those special abilities?

An Arts and Talents Showcase allows your camping buddies to share their creativity, passions, and hidden talents with the whole group.

20) Rock Painting

Get in touch with your artistic side and create masterpieces on rocks found in nature.

The Rock Painting game allows campers to express themselves and leaves a positive mark on the environment. Goes without saying, always respect the “Leave No Trace” guidelines!

How to play:

  • Collect smooth rocks from your camping area;

  • Provide paint, brushes, and other art supplies to the campers that want to play;

  • Campers paint their rocks with creative designs;

  • Leave the painted rocks around the campsite for others to find and enjoy.

  • Don’t destroy anything around you!

A fun way to get creative and leave your mark.

21) Campfire Cooking Challenge

Turning your camping adventure into a culinary adventure with a Campfire Cooking Challenge is always a great idea.

There are few better ideas to socialize and meet people than working together to prepare delicious meals over the campfire.

How to play:

  • Divide campers into teams, each responsible for one meal (e.g., breakfast, lunch, dinner);

  • Provide a variety of ingredients and cooking equipment;

  • Campers must create a tasty meal using the campfire;

  • Whoever cooks the best meal wins!

22) Leaf Art Contest

Let campers unleash their creativity by participating in a Leaf Art Contest. This game combines the beauty of the natural world with artistic expression.

How to Play:

  • Campers collect leaves, sticks, and other natural materials.

  • Provide glue, paper, and markers.

  • Campers create unique artworks using their found materials.

23) Campfire Karaoke

Karaoke is always a great idea
Karaoke is always a great idea

This is pretty self-explanatory: gather around the campfire, leave shame to the side, and sing your favorite songs! Don’t be shy and let your friends enjoy your voice.

How to play:

  • Set up a karaoke area near the campfire;

  • Bring a karaoke machine or a smartphone with a karaoke app;

  • Campers take turns choosing songs and performing for the group;

  • Whoever doesn’t sing the worst, wins!

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re camping with friends, and family, or even just looking for a solo adventure, these games are your ticket to an unforgettable time. No more excuses: gather your camping gear, call your friends, and let the games begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you recommend fun camping activities for adults on our next camping trip?

Absolutely! Adults can enjoy activities like hiking expeditions, campfire cooking challenges, and even campfire cocktails. You’ll have a great time doing these.

How should I plan my camping trips for maximum enjoyment?

Research your destination, pack appropriate gear, plan activities in advance, and ensure you have essential supplies like food, water, and first aid kits.

Are there any camping drinking games we can enjoy responsibly?

Yes, you can enjoy the good old Beer Pong or Campfire Cocktails. Just remember to drink in moderation, be mindful of your limits, and have a designated driver if needed.

What are some really fun games for younger kids during camping trips?

Younger kids can have a blast with activities like Nature Scavenger Hunts, Rock Painting, and Leaf Art Contests. These activities are creative and age-appropriate.

How can we make the most of our picnic table during camping trips?

You can use picnic tables for a lot of things: group meals, as a workspace for camping cooking, or even for playing card or other board games in the evenings.

Can you recommend a card game suitable for camping with a large group?

“Cards Against Humanity” is a popular card game that can be played in large groups. It’s easy to carry and provides hours of entertainment.

What should we consider when playing drinking games during camping trips?

When playing drinking games, remember to stay hydrated (drink water!), consume alcohol in moderation, and follow any local alcohol regulations. Always prioritize safety.

What are some exciting camping activities that don’t require special equipment?

Exciting activities like animal tracking, nature photography, and storytelling don’t require special equipment and can be enjoyed using basic camping gear.

Could you recommend a few camping activities that are both entertaining and a bit silly?

Sure! Camping activities such as a Silly Hat Parade or a Dance-Off Competition can provide hours of laughter and silliness.

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