How Do You Heat an Outdoor Tent for a Party?

A good wood burning stove is always an excellent heating option for your party tent
A good wood burning stove is always an excellent heating option for your party tent

So, you’ve decided to throw an epic party under a tent.

Maybe it’s a winter wedding, a corporate event, or just a good-fashioned backyard bash. But once the sun goes down and the cold air starts rolling in, your guests are gonna be wishing they brought their parkas!

Making sure that the guests are comfortable is the #1 rule when throwing parties, and with tents as venues, that is no exception!

If you’re hosting an outdoor tent event when temperatures get nippy, you have to figure out how to heat that shelter up – there’s no other way.

Why Having Heat Matters So Much

Heat isn't just about warmth; it's about bringing people together
Heat isn’t just about warmth; it’s about bringing people together

Heating up a party tent isn’t just about keeping guests warm (though that’s obvious priority #1). There are actually several really good reasons you can’t afford to skip the heaters:

  • Keep guests comfy and mingling: when it’s freezing, people won’t be able to relax and work the room

    • Proper heat means your guests can move around freely and soak up the fun

  • Use your whole tent space: similarly, if you just have localized heat sources, big chunks of your tent space will go to waste as no-go cold zones

  • Prevent constant exit/entry: without heat inside the tent, you’ll have a constant parade of guests going outside to warm up and then coming back in when it’s too cold again

    • Not great for a party

  • Set the right celebration mood: ice-cold tents just straight-up kill the festive, celebratory vibe

    • When you add warmth, it instantly makes the space way cozier and more inviting for your special occasion

If you’re spending good $$ to rent a tent, you’ve gotta dial in the heat situation too. Maybe it’s an investment upfront, but it’s totally worth it to keep your guests happy and comfortable.

Choosing the Right Party Tent

Find that amazing party tent, and let the good times roll!
Find that amazing party tent, and let the good times roll!

The size of your party tent plays a crucial role in determining how you should heat it so it should be your first area of focus.

Keep in mind the following rules of thumb:

  • The larger the tent, the more challenging it will be to keep it warm. So the first step you need to take is to assess the heating power required for your tent and the number of guests you expect

    • Ensure that you have an adequate propane tank for the heater if you’re dealing with a sizable tent and always consult with rental companies to find the best heating solution for your specific circumstances

  • You also have to consider the layout of the tent (including the dance floor) as it can impact how evenly the warmth is distributed during your winter event

Regardless of the type of event you’re hosting, always pay attention to the outdoor surroundings and think about using tent sidewalls to provide extra insulation and protection from the cold.

Choosing the Right Heating Method

With the right heating method, you'll be able to enjoy warm gatherings
With the right heating method, you’ll be able to enjoy warm gatherings

Once you’ve agreed on the number of people to invite and have a tent in mind, selecting the right heating method should be your next goal.

We list some heating methods below, but it’s important to think of these in conjunction with your tent size, weather conditions, and safety issues.

  •  Portable Heaters

Portable propane or electric heaters are an excellent choice for smaller tents: they are easy to set up, provide consistent warmth, and are available in different sizes.

  • Wood-Burning Stove

A good wood-burning stove will ensure proper ventilation in your tent in a safe way. It will not only get the job done but also add a rustic and charming touch to the decoration. These are always a great choice.

  • Electricity Blankets and Sleeping Bags

If you’re having people sleep in your tent, consider providing electric blankets or high-quality sleeping bags. These will do wonders for your guests.

  • Hot Water Bottles

Simple yet effective, hot water bottles can be distributed to guests to help them stay warm.

An alternative is to provide hot bottles with coffee. The method is the same.

  • Standing Patio Heaters

These tall, sturdy heaters (usually propane-fueled) are awesome for adding concentrated heat to lounge areas or food stations inside the tent. Their warm air flows out from the top, so you’ll feel it more at the upper body/head level.

Positioning the Tent Heater

Positioning the tent heater properly is crucial to maximize its effectiveness and ensure safety
Positioning the tent heater properly is crucial to maximize its effectiveness and ensure safety

The placement of the tent heater is crucial for even heating.

You should be positioning it in:

  • A central location, preferably near the seating area or where your guests will spend the most time

  • At the same time, ensure that the heater is safely far from any flammable materials and that the room has adequate ventilation

  • It’s also a good idea to not point it directly at the guests but to the roof of the tent; otherwise, the chances of getting someone sick increase significantly

Monitoring Temperature

While keeping the tent warm is essential, monitoring the temperature inside is equally important.

Most large event tent heaters come with thermostats or adjustable settings, allowing you to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Nevertheless, you need to keep an eye on the thermostat and adjust it as needed to prevent the tent from becoming too hot or too cold. It doesn’t come with an “autopilot” feature.

Prioritizing Safety in Heating Methods

Enjoy the warmth and comfort of your heating method while minimizing potential risks
Enjoy the warmth and comfort of your heating method while minimizing potential risks

To help you ensure a safe heating experience, consider the following essential safety guidelines:


  • Proper ventilation is paramount, especially when using fuel-burning heaters

  • Confirm that your tent boasts sufficient ventilation, and consider leaving a vent partially open to prevent the dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide

Fire Safety

  • Pay special attention to this point if you’re using a wood-burning stove or an open-flame heater; be cautious

  • Keep all flammable materials at a safe distance, and have a fire extinguisher readily accessible

  • Constantly check the heater while it’s working

Carbon Monoxide Detector

  • If you’re utilizing fuel-burning heaters, then you need to invest in a good carbon monoxide detector. This detector is super handy and will promptly alert you to any hazardous gas levels

Stability is Key

  • Always ensure that your selected heating source is securely stable. This will minimize the risk of accidental tipping and eventual fire hazards in the tent

DIY Hacks to Boost Tent Warmth

Get crafty and make your own DIY heat source
Get crafty and make your own DIY heat source

Sometimes you’ll need to heat things up on a smaller scale with a tighter budget. If you’ve got a basic backyard tent setup, some good DIY tent heating tips include:

  • Use thick blankets or insulated tarps over the tent walls and ceiling to retain heat

  • String patio heaters together and elevate them for better airflow

  • Make a door tent using shower curtains or tapestries to reduce drafts

  • Use a thick outdoor rug topped with thermal blankets to insulate the floor

  • Set up outdoor space heaters to project warmth from above

  • Serve hot drinks, soups, or mulled wine to warm people from the inside out

  • It’s always worth it to carefully inspect the tent for any gaps, holes, or openings that may allow drafts to penetrate

  • Naturally, smaller tents are easier to heat and maintain, so if you have a choice, try to limit tent size within reason

  • You can enhance guest comfort by providing cozy seating options such as plush blankets or soft cushions (plus, these also help you save money)

You can get creative and scrappy! The idea is to trap radiant heat inside your tent space while also providing concentrated heat sources strategically.

Don’t Let Mother Nature Be a Party Pooper

There are great ways to keep the fun going even when Mother Nature isn't cooperating
There are great ways to keep the fun going even when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating

Heating an open-air tent means you’re at the mercy of the great outdoors. Things like wind, snow, and just the general flow of inside and outside air can all work against your efforts.

  • Wind: got guests arriving to gnarly wind gusts? Those can quickly blow away any heat you’re trying to generate from open tent walls or doors

  • Snow: while it makes for a pretty celebration setting, heavy snow surrounding or piling up on your tent can act as a big cold sink, absorbing lots of heat

  • Indoor/outdoor airflow: if your tent layout has walls that are constantly open or allow free air flow between indoors and outdoors, maintaining a steady, heated temp gets way harder

These are exactly why renting heaters from pros is the way to go; they’ll know how to offset issues like wicked winds, snow storms, etc. with proper equipment and setup.

Final Thoughts

When hosting an outdoor event, be it a winter tent event, a wedding, or any other gathering, always make sure your guests are warm and comfortable.

Key takeaways:

  • Think about the right heating options, keep the weather forecast in mind, and be proactive in making the tent cozy

  • Position your heater strategically, monitor the temperature, and make adjustments as needed to create a comfortable environment

  • Finally, consider the size of your party and choose the appropriate heating method out of the several possibilities (a tent heater or an electric heater are great options)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do propane heaters have a lot of heating power?

Yes, a good propane heater will do wonders in your party tent. However, always consider more options if your tent is large (space heaters are great).

Can you connect multiple party tents and share propane heaters?

As long as safety is ensured and there are no gaps, yes, that’s possible. Just make sure you talk with an expert and don’t try to set up everything on your own.

Patio heaters vs propane heaters?

Highly dependent on the circumstances but in general, electric patio heaters tend to cost less in the long term and are more environmentally friendly.

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