How Many Tents Per Campsite Can You Have?

If you and your friends are taking more than two tents, you need to read this article
If you & your friends are using more than two tents, you need to read this article

There isn’t a perfect answer to how many tents you can fit in a campsite, as you need to consider things like the size of the campsite, its rules & regulations and the amenities.

That being said, different factors can impact the number of tents you can expect a single site to have. You should think these through when planning your trip to avoid nasty surprises. Let’s jump right in

Key Factors That You Must Know

  • Size of Campsite

As you can imagine, the campsize size largely influences the number of tents that can be set up.

Most small camps restrict the number of tents allowed at each site to ensure a peaceful stay for campers, while larger campsites can accommodate more campers (and more tents).

  • Environmental Impact

Camping grounds that are too crowded might hurt nature: soil erosion, plant death, and excessive use of natural resources.

As such, it’s natural to demand that campers follow responsible procedures to lessen this effect. Sticking to established trails and packing their own trash goes a long way.

  • Campsite Amenities

Tent placement heavily relies on the accessibility of camp facilities
Tent placement heavily relies on the accessibility of camp facilities

Campgrounds with convenient amenities like flushing toilets, running water, and fire rings will most likely be able to accommodate more tents than rustic and out-of-the-way campsites.

Campsite Types and Tent Limits

The type of campsite will also influence the number of tents allowed there. Let’s take a look

  1. Open-Air Campgrounds

Tents are often limited in size in public campsites or state parks since the government normally supervises them and tries to protect the natural environment as much as possible. 

The Government follows a simple logic: too many tents in one location may cause congestion in parking, wasteful resource use, and environmental damage.

So by limiting the number of tents at public campsites, the Government strikes a balance between the demand for outdoor recreation by campers and the necessary protection of the environment for future generations.

  1. Private Campgrounds

Tent rules are often more lax in privately owned campsites, whether by people or businesses since the private owner is not obliged by law to protect the environment.

Depending on the size and amenities of the private campground, the number of tents permitted per campsite might vary considerably, but normally private campsites allow more extensive group camping arrangements.

  1. Backcountry Camping

If you’re planning on setting up your tent in the woods on a hill, restrictions are virtually inexistent. Not only is this normally a camping method for more advanced people but also more experienced campers will not bring 20 friends with them. There isn’t a legal need to establish a limit of tents.

However, with this independence comes a heavier responsibility and possibly more danger.  

Campers must always follow the Leave No Trace guidelines to reduce their environmental footprint and must be wary of any wildlife in the surrounding areas.

Tips for Optimal Tent Allocation

  • Plan Ahead

Preparation is crucial for a safe and enjoyable camping trip, regardless of whether it’s a trip with a large group or a solo one.

Plan ahead the number of people and tents required and consider the campground’s tent limit and its facilities.

  • Create Zones

If you’re camping in a large group, create amongst the group distinct areas for various activities, such as cooking, hanging out, and sleeping. Arrange the tents so that everyone has plenty of room to move around.

  • Accept Complexity

If you’re camping with a large group, remember that minimalism can be your best friend. By not taking all your stuff and only packing the essentials, you will occupy less space and have more room amongst the group to do whatever activities.

The only exception is if you’re glamping and your one tent is fancy, having all the items for a luxurious camping trip with your family. However, in these cases, it’s probably best not to be in a large group anyway.


Sensibly placing tents outside (be it in state parks or mountains) is essential for a good camping trip. While there isn’t a perfect answer that serves all circumstances, you now know what you need to think about when planning your camping trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you purchase firewood in campsites?

That will really depend on the campsite. Some will have firewood for sale, while others (especially if you’re camping in the middle of the woods), will not. Always do your research before the trip.

When camping in a group, can you bring more than one tent per person?

Yes. It’s not uncommon for groups to bring one extra tent to put all unused items that take up too much space.

What is a double site?

It’s when you have two separate campsites that are connected to one another. Like adding a single site with another next to it.

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