How To Drape A Tent

Tent draping always adds elegance to your event
Tent draping always adds elegance to your event

If you’re in charge or planning an event (a wedding, a corporate affair, or any other special occasion), you already know your attention to detail will have to be precise. Among the different options & tools you have at your disposal, a very solid idea is draping the tent: this will surely add an elegant touch to your event, transforming a simple structure into a breathtaking centerpiece.

Understanding Tent Draping

Why Draped Tents Are Captivating

Draped tents are very common in weddings and involve covering the tent walls with vertical uprights and horizontal crossbars with draping. If you’re doing it, make sure you use enough draping to cover all the interior.

But why are draped tents used a lot?

They never go unnoticed: draped tents elevate the ambiance and add sophistication and charm to any event. Their fabric cascading down your tent walls and ceiling creates a luxurious setting that will for sure captivate your guests and sets the stage for memorable moments.

When thinking about tent draping, you need to choose the right tent rental company. While a low-quality rental service will be a nightmare, a reliable one will get you quality tents and offer you guidance on draping options and how to best set them up.

The Different Draping Styles

Draping your tent has multiple possibilities... any tweaks are only limited by your imagination
Draping your tent has multiple possibilities… any tweaks are only limited by your imagination

From whimsical and romantic to modern and minimalist, draped tents come in various styles, so you’ll have no trouble matching your creativity.

Even if it’s not your first rodeo, you should consider styles like voile draping, fabric walls, or even clear tents – these will be worth it. Then, depending on what event you’re planning, you’ll be able to filter them down further.

A great idea is to add string lights and chandeliers, as these are a great match for draped tents, adding a magical touch, especially at night. Don’t be surprised if your guests become hypnotized by the combination of fabric and light.

The Practical Side: Setup and Considerations

DIY vs. Hiring Professionals

While a DIY approach might be appealing since you’ll save some money, hiring a professional ensures a flawless setup without headaches.

Remember that professionals have the expertise to handle measurements, fabric selection, and intricate setups, so in some cases it may be worth spending a bit more and be saved from all the stress.

Fabric and Material Options

From sheer voile to sturdy tarps, the fabric that you choose will obviously have an impact on the overall look of your draped tent.

When making your choice, take into account factors such as the weather conditions, the event duration, and the overall environment you want to create. If you cover all these angles, you’re good to go.

Weather-Proofing and Rain Covers

If you’re organizing an event outdoors, you need to know what to do if on the D day the weather is terrible.

When talking to your tent rental company, don’t forget to discuss rain covers and contingency plans as they will be best placed to deal with that and ensure that your event doesn’t have to be canceled.

Cost and Budget

The main factors that will determine how much you’ll spend when draping your tent are:

  • The style

  • Fabric quality

  • Size of your tent

  • Labor

  • Any additional elements like lighting

While opting for cheaper alternatives might seem tempting, you should consider the value that well-executed tent draping brings to your event. Investing in quality materials and professional setup often pays off in creating a lasting impression.

Dealing With Rental Companies

It may be more expensive to hire a tent rental company… but they do a great job

Since you’ll likely deal with a tent rental company sooner or later, we thought it would be a good idea to include some tips that have served us quite well throughout the time.

Build relationships with them: establishing a good rapport with any tent rental companies will go a long way. They can offer you discounts, source rare items and give you more guidance than otherwise.

Simplify things: you’re both looking to make a deal smoothly and nothing is more difficult than a difficult customer. Always tell them your vision clearly, discuss options and be honest. These things look obvious but some still don’t do them.

If you know you want to try draping your tent but have absolutely no idea where to start, going online and exploring websites of tent rental companies for inspiration and client testimonials is a great idea.


If you’re looking to leave a good & lasting impression on your attendees and to create an ambiance of charm, draping your tent will get you there. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate event, or any other special occasion, tent draping will add a touch of elegance and magic to the scenario, making your event unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tarps a Practical Choice to Cover Tents in a Business Event?

Yes, absolutely. Tarps are a great way to cover tents in a business event and are not that expensive. However, the lower price comes at a price: tent tarps are not as polished and good-looking as specialized tent covers. Whether you’re willing to spend more money and go for a specialized tent cover or not will depend on the event you’re organizing and your preferences.

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