How to Make a Christmas Tree Tent

A Christmas tree tent is not just a DIY project: it’s much more

A creative way to infuse your home with the spirit of Christmas is to make a unique Christmas tree tent. Besides decorating your home, this DIY project is a great chance for some quality family time. What are you waiting for? Read more not just to know how to create an amazing Christmas tree teepee, but also transform your home this holiday season.

Gathering the Materials

Before you embark on this exciting DIY adventure, you need to gather some materials to create your Christmas tree teepee.

While not perfect, the following list of items should be good enough to get you started:

  • Christmas Tree: choose a tree of a good size for your teepee

  • Wooden Poles: for the the structure of your teepee

  • Garlands and Ornaments: you want to decorate your tree right?

  • Lights: good lighting always looks great

  • DIY Supplies: scissors, strings, hooks, etc

  • Optional: personalized ornaments, ribbons and a tree topper

Step-by-Step Guide

1) Setting Up the Base

  • Choose the best spot in your home or garden where you want to place your Christmas tree tent

  • Arrange the wooden poles in a conical shape, leaving an opening for the tree

  • Securely tie the poles together at the top and base to form the teepee structure

2) Placing the Christmas Tree

  • Put your Christmas tree inside the teepee structure

  • Make sure that it stands securely and is centered within the teepee (otherwise it will fall)

3) Decorating It

  • Drape garlands around the teepee structure, starting from the top and working your way down (this is the most efficient way to do it)

  • Hang ornaments, lights, and other decorations from the garlands and the tree branches

  • The accessories need to be in balance so place them carefully

4) Adding A Personal Touch

  • This is your chance to customize your Christmas tree tent according to your taste so add personalized ornaments, ribbons, or handmade decorations to it

  • BONUS: you can ask your children for their ideas to make it the Christmas tree tent of the family

5) Final Stop: the Lights

Christmas lights are always special
  • The tree tent won’t be complete until you place lights on it: wrap fairy lights around the structure to create a luminous tree that radiates magic

Enjoying the Magic: Ideas for Family Fun

But creating a Christmas tree teepee isn’t just about the decoration and making it look good in your living room; it’s also about creating joyful memories with your family that will last forever.

In that spirit, here are some ideas you can do to have a great time with your kids around the tent:

  • Tree decorating party: gather your family to decorate the tree tent together

  • Storytelling under the teepee: share holiday stories while gathered around the tree

  • Homemade ornament crafting: create DIY ornaments with your children to add a personal touch to the teepee

  • Photo booth fun: use the teepee as a backdrop for holiday photos and save them in albums that you can always check every year

Final Thoughts

Crafting a tipi Christmas tree is more than just a DIY project: it’s a way to infuse your home with magic and bond with your family during the holiday season. The joy & fun it brings, especially to your children, is priceless. What are you waiting for?

Merry Christmas from the Rtivities team!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Better Types of Christmas Trees?

While any Christmas tree can be used for a teepee, we recommend you go for a slender or pencil-shaped tree that doesn’t occupy too much space. Also, choose a tree with strong branches to support your decorations and lights.

Can I Decorate My Christmas Tree Tent With Wooden Items?

Yes. Wood accents will add a rustic charm to your tent. Some good ideas are wooden ornaments (snowflakes and stars) and small logs.

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