How to Make a Sleepover Tent

A slumber party is an experience your children won’t forget

Hosting a slumber party can be an exciting and memorable experience for your kids and their friends, so if you’re hosting one, you don’t want to screw up. The main thing you need is a unique & personalized sleepover tent. It’s not hard to make one, but you need to know what you’re doing, otherwise your kids won’t forgive you. Keep reading to learn the to dos and things to avoid in what can be a super fun project.

The Step-By-Step Process

Designing Your Tent

Once you’re ready to start your adventure, the first thing you need to do is to choose the fabric you want to use from a fabric store.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend you choose something vibrant that resonates with the theme of the party. Don’t pick something too dark for a 6-year-old birthday party.

Building the Frame

You’ve chosen the tent fabric for your sleepover tent? Great – onto the tent frame:

  • Aim for two boards, which will serve as the main support

  • Carefully measure and drill holes on the top of each board for a tight grip when the tent is fully assembled

  • The frame will support the tent cover and provide stability, as well as minimize any noises during the night

Sewing the Tent Cover

When it comes to sewing the tent cover, you have two options:

  • Use a sewing machine – this is faster

  • If you don’t have a machine, no worries: a simple hand stitch will do the job

Either using a machine or doing it manually, you’ll have to sew the fabric to create curtain panels that will drape over the frame, forming the main body of the tent.

If you want to take things one step further, you can use a cricut cutting machine to create unique designs to personalize your tent cover.

If you’re organizing a birthday party, now’s the time to put your creativity to work.

Assembling the Tent

Once your frame and cover are ready, it’s time to assemble your tent.

Push the dowel through the holes in the boards, ensuring that the fabric cover is in between, and evenly spread out the cover. Once this is done, you’re good to go to the final step:

Decorating Your Tent

Use your kids' imagination to decorate the tent!
Use your kids’ imagination to decorate the tent!

For many people, decorating the tent and adding a personal touch is arguably the fun part, and we don’t disagree.

This is your chance to be creative! Use fairy lights, add a blanket & pillows, and other cute decorations to create something you & your kids will admire. You can (and should!) encourage your children to help out with the decoration – not only will they love it, but they can also be quite creative! It’s a win-win situation!

Hosting a Sleepover For Children – Our Tips

If you’re in charge of organizing a sleepover for children and don’t have a lot of ideas, here’s what you should be thinking about:

  1. Plan the Space with Tents – Create a special sleeping area using DIY tents:

    1. You can build these tents by using a simple A-frame structure

    2. Show your children how to push dowels through drilled holes in the frame, ensuring the dowel extends slightly on the other side for more stability

    3. Bonus: this is a great way to teach your children some basic carpentry skills

  2. Decoration Ideas – Brainstorm with your kids some theme ideas for the sleepover

    1. Themes should relate to their interests, such as a movie marathon, a sports event, or a hobby

    2. Decorate the tents and the room according to the theme you both chose

  3. Activities – Plan activities that are age-appropriate and engaging

    1. Things like board games, DIY craft projects, or even a scavenger hunt are always a success

    2. You can also encourage your children to come up with their own game ideas – this will promote creativity and teamwork

  4. Combine Learning and Fun – Prepare activities that are both fun and where children can learn something new

    1. This could be a cooking session where they make their own snacks, a science experiment, or a craft project

  5. Safety and Supervision – There should be adequate supervision throughout the night

    1. Set clear rules regarding bedtime, lights out, and any areas of your house that are off-limits

    2. Never forget to maintain a balance between fun and safety

  6. Snacks and Meals:

    1. Ask the children for their preferences and plan a cooking activity where they can join you in making their pizzas or sandwiches

    2. Remember to check for any food allergies


Making a sleepover tent is not just a cheap & simple way to host a party; it’s such a cute idea & a chance to bond with your children, helping them learn and have fun at the same time. Remember, it’s all about creating memories!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a Sleepover Tent a Good Idea for a Slumber Party?

Because it adds a unique and personalized touch to any slumber party, it allows kids to escape into their very own pattern and imaginary world, lol. The process of making the tent can be so much fun, and it turns a simple night with friends into an unforgettable adventure.

How Do I Ensure That My A-Frame Tent Has a Tight Grip?

To ensure that your A-frame tent has a pretty tight grip, focus on the construction of the frame. When drilling holes in the two boards that form the top portion of the tent, measure them carefully for maximum precision.

What Kind of Fabric Should I Choose For My Tent Cover?

When visiting a fabric store, look for durable and colorful options. This is a great project where you should involve your kids, letting them pick the fabric that reflects their style – be it bold patterns or soft pastels. Remember, the fabric that you end up buying will set the theme of your play tent, so choose carefully!

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