How to Make a Tent at Home With Blankets

There are few things that children love more than a blanket fort
There are few things that children love more than a blanket fort

Building a tent at home using blankets is something that any adult should know how to do. It’s something simple that doesn’t take too long to build and that provides hours and hours of entertainment for children. There’s really no excuse not to learn how to become an expert.

Selecting the Best Spot

The first step in building your blanket fort is finding the best spot in your home.

The ideal spots are spaces with enough floor to accommodate the fort and the inhabitants. Living rooms with couch cushions or dining rooms with good space are normally the best options. Think about & try different rooms to see which one has the best potential.

Also, don’t forget that you can always rearrange furniture if you need to create more room.

Gathering Materials

After you’ve chosen the spot, the next step you need to take to make a tent at home using blankets is to gather materials:

  • Blankets and Sheets: Gather as many blankets and lightweight sheets as you can find. Use heavy blankets for the base and lightweight sheets for the walls

  • Cushions and Sleeping Bags: Sofa cushions and sleeping bags will give you more comfort and can be used to make the fort more stable

  • Holding Tools: Clothes pins, binder clips, rubber bands, duct tape, and chip clips are great options to keep all sheets in place

  • Support Structures: Use curtain rods, clothes lines, coat racks, and even door hinges as frames for your fort

  • Accessories: Finally, string lights, floor lamps, or a light fixture can add ambiance. Don’t forget to bring pillows for extra comfort

Building the Base

The best way to build a good & soft base is to lay heavy blankets on the floor of the fort.

This will be the foundation of your fort, offering comfort and stability.

If you’re planning a movie night inside your fort, make sure you position things in a way that everyone has a good view of the screen.

Setting Up the Walls

After the base is ready, you move on to the walls: use drape blankets over furniture or any support structure you’ve chosen, like curtain rods or a tied clothes line.

Couch cushions can be used to hold fort walls in place, giving it extra stability.

If you have crawling babies, ensure that the fort is safe and accessible for them.

Securing the Fort

Use clothes pins, chip clips, binder clips, and rubber bands to secure the blankets that are over the furniture. You can also use duct tape for extra reinforcement, but be careful not to damage any furniture or fabrics.

Customizing Your Fort

After you’ve set up the fort base and walls, you go into the fun part: making the fort your own. You have a lot of different options when customizing your fort, but here are some ideas:

  • Rearrange furniture to expand the space or create more rooms for different activities (especially useful if you have more than two children)

  • For a grand castle feel, use the largest blanket as a roof

  • You can also create a dark cave-like atmosphere by using heavier blankets and less lighting


String lights can transform your fort into a magical hideaway, so don’t neglect them.

Alternatively, you can also use a floor lamp outside the fort, directing light inwards for a softer glow. This is a great idea to create a cozy atmosphere for a movie night.

Enjoying Your Fort

Bring in board games, books, or set up for a movie night. The cool thing about making tents at home with blankets is that you can use these blanket forts for a lot of different things: they can be a cozy spot for relaxation or a hub of activity. It’s all up to you.

Fort Ideas

  • Movie Theater: Install a projector inside for a movie night

  • Secret Lair: Create a hidden space behind furniture for a secret hideaway

  • Campsite: Mimic a camping tent with sleeping bags and a faux campfire

  • Board Game Arena: Spread out board games and create a competitive gaming area

Safety and Practical Tips

  • Ensure that the fort is stable and won’t collapse easily

  • Keep the inside of the fort tidy to prevent tripping

  • Be cautious with lighting to avoid any fire hazards


Building a blanket fort is a fun and easy activity that can result in hours of entertainment. Whether you’re aiming for the coolest fort, a simple camping tent replica, or a grand castle, building a fort will ensure hours and hours of entertainment with your children. Making a tent at home with blankets has never been easier, so what’s stopping you?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Use Couch Cushions in My Blanket Fort?

Couch cushions are great for blanket forts because you can use them for different things: they can serve as walls or offer a comfortable seating area, especially if you’re planning a movie night or board games.

How Much Floor Space Do I Need for a Good Fort?

The floor space you need will depend on what you want to use the fort for and how big you want to make it. For a small fort, a few square feet in a corner of a room is probably enough space. However, if you’re trying to create something with multiple rooms, you will probably need a whole dining room.

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