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How To Put A Logo On A Tent

Branding your tent with your logo is a great marketing move
Branding your tent with your logo is a great marketing move

Customizing a tent with your brand logo or graphics is a great way to increase brand recognition and visibility during outdoor events. Whether you’re preparing for a trade show, a marketing event, or an outdoor exhibition, you won’t regret tweaking your custom canopy tent with your company logo. So it’s absolutely worth it to learn how to put a logo on a tent – check out how below.

The Materials You’ll Need

Before you get started with the process of applying your logo to your custom pop-up tent, you’ll need to gather the following materials:

  • Your custom tent (with preferably a blank canopy)

  • A high-resolution digital file of your logo

  • Fabric-friendly adhesive or heat transfer material (if you’re using the heat transfer method we describe below)

  • Clean cloth and mild detergent to prepare the surface

  • Scissors or another cutting tool

The Three Methods You Can Choose

It's up to you
It’s up to you

Method 1: Printing or Sticker Application

This is the most common method among campers who personalize their tents.

It’s fairly easy and consists of 3 steps:

  1. Clean Your Tent Canopy: the first step is to clean the surface of the canopy of your tent using a mild detergent and a piece of clean cloth.

    1. Don’t skip this step: the area where your logo will be placed needs to be free from dirt and debris

  2. Prepare Your Logo: if you have a printed sticker of your logo, carefully peel off the backing and align it onto the spot on the canopy of your tent. You should also smooth out any air bubbles using a flat edge to ensure proper adhesion

  3. Test the Adhesion: the last step in the process is to apply a slight pressure to the sticker against the canopy to test its adhesion

    1. Some stickers might require additional adhesives to be attached more securely

Method 2: Heat Transfer

If you’re not a fan of the first method or want to try something new, a good idea is to check out the heat transfer method. Check it out:

  1. Prepare the Logo: to use the heat transfer method you’ll need a high-resolution digital file of your logo. Cut it to the desired size and shape using scissors or another cutting tool

  2. Preheat the Heat Transfer Material: if you’re using a heat transfer material, preheat the fabric according to the manufacturer’s instructions

    1. Do not try to guess the pre-heating process – it will most likely not work

  3. Apply the Logo:

    1. Place the cut-out logo onto the canopy of your tent in the desired position

    2. Use a heat press or an iron (make sure you set it to the appropriate temperature recommended by the manufacturer) to apply heat and pressure evenly onto the logo

  4. Peel Off Backing: Once the heat transfer material has cooled down, carefully peel off its backing to reveal the logo adhered to the tent canopy

Method 3: Professional Printing Services

If you don't want a DIY option, these guys will take care of it
If you don’t want a DIY option, these guys will take care of it

If you’re not feeling confident with the two methods described above, the safest choice is to seek professional help and hire professional printing services. These professionals have the expertise and the specialized equipment to print and apply logos accurately on tents.


Customizing a pop-up tent with your logo is a fantastic way to promote your brand during outdoor events and gain visibility. Whether you choose to roll up your sleeves and do things yourself or instead hire a professional, a custom canopy tent with your logo will leave a lasting impression at outdoor events.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Custom Canopy Tents?

Also known as custom pop-up tents or custom printed tents, these tents tend to have a durable fabric canopy that is supported by an aluminum frame.

What Are the Advantages of Using Graphics on my Tent?

Applying custom graphics on pop-up canopy tents is a great branding opportunity: your brand graphics will enhance the visibility of your brand, attract attention, and distinguish your tent from others at events.

Can A Foldable Instant Canopy Tent Also Be Customized?

Yes, it can. These tents often come with blank canopy surfaces, making it easy for you to apply logos to them.

What Tent Accessories Complement a Custom Tent?

There are a lot of them. Some good ones for custom tents are sidewalls for more privacy & protection from rough weather, weight bags or anchors to secure the tent against strong winds, lighting options like LED fixtures, flags or banners, etc.

Are There Any Regulations or Guidelines to Follow?

Some venues may have guidelines regarding the size, placement, or types of logos that can be put on tents. Before going ahead and putting your logo on your tent, we highly recommend you check the specific rules and regulations of the event organizers to ensure that what you have in mind is allowed.