What Is a Sail Tent?

The open, airy design of a sail tent lends itself beautifully to creating a relaxing outdoor space

If you’re planning an outdoor event and want a unique, eye-catching venue, sail tents should definitely be on your radar. 

Crafted from durable sailcloth material, these tents get their name from their distinctive curved or rounded ends that mimic the shape of a sail. 

But don’t go thinking these are just novelty tents for yacht clubs: sail tents are awesome venues for all kinds of outdoor shindigs

With their tall, peaked ceilings and translucent canopy, they let in a crazy amount of natural light to create a bright, open atmosphere you just can’t get with regular tents.

Benefits of Sail Tents

Why should you sail into your next event with one of these sailcloth shelters? 

Here’s the scoop:

Natural Light

A sail tent that lets in plenty of sunshine helps you feel more productive during events

Daytime events underneath a sail tent are bathed in sunshine and good vibes. Their tall, open-air design lets in all that gorgeous natural light instead of shutting you into a dim, dreary tent cave.

Who doesn’t enjoy natural sunlight?

Indoor/Outdoor Vibes

Sail tents are a great way to create a hybrid zone where you can seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor

Sail tents are a great way to create a hybrid zone where you can seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor 

With a sail tent, you get the best of both worlds: being outside while still having shelter overhead. It’s like throwing a backyard party, but way more extra.

Scenery for Days

Living within the landscape itself, with unobstructed views in multiple directions

Set up one of these curved stunners on a hilltop, beach, vineyard, or wherever, and you instantly elevate the whole vibe—the cool sailcloth aesthetic complements pretty much any backdrop.

Now that we’ve covered the benefits and hopefully got you interested, let’s see how you can actually go and use one of these for your next event.

How to Throw a Sailcloth Tent Party

This is where the true versatility and fun factor of a sail tent really shine

Ready to take the plunge and rock a sweet sailcloth tent for your next event? 

Here’s what you need to know as you start planning:

Getting the Size Right

Sail tents come in sizes to fit everything from a cozy fam jam to a rager of epic proportions. 

But sizing is about more than just your guest count. You’ll also need to factor in extras like:

  • Dance floor
  • Bar areas
  • Chill lounges
  • Space for live entertainment

Get real with your tent rental about all the amenities you want, and they’ll hook you up with appropriately roomy digs.

Laying It All Out

Don’t just throw some chairs under a tent and call it a day: a little strategic planning with your layout can totally transform the open sailcloth space into a party zone with distinct hangout areas.

Creating cozy chair clusters, designating a specific dance floor area, and section off lounge spaces with rugs and potted plants are great ideas that will improve your event.. 

Get creative and make that sail tent look purposefully designed for a good time: your guests will thank you.

Lighting It Up Right

During the day, those sail tent canopies let in rays of natural light. But when the sun goes down, you need to illuminate the place so that the good times can keep rolling.

String up some modern festoon lighting, place well-positioned floodlights, and scatter tons of candlelight… the possibilities are endless! Just get lit (literally) and watch your sail tent turn into a whole vibe at night.

Safety First

When it comes to outdoor adventures, safety should always be your top priority

Okay, enough about making your sail tent a total scene. Let’s talk about some sweet pragmatics so your event doesn’t end up being a failure:

Staking and Wind Ratings

Those sail tent curves look flowy and picturesque, but they also make the structure vulnerable to wind. 

That’s why your rental company must ensure that your sail tent is properly staked into the ground or weighed down to handle anything more than a light breeze.

Each model can only withstand winds up to a certain speed before it needs side panels or walls for extra protection, so make sure you’re accounting for that. 

We’re pretty sure that guests won’t enjoy a falling tent.

Fire Safety

Any tent party needs to be dialed in on fire safety with features like:

  • Keeping all exits and paths clear
  • Having enough fire extinguishers ready to go
  • Skipping actual candles or flames and using electric lighting

With sail tents’ big fabric canopies, there’s even more emphasis on doing fire safety the right way. Your tent rental will make sure you’re up to date on all the codes, permits, and other red tape you need to sort out.

Weight Limits

Those curved peaks on a sail tent aren’t just for looks – they’re designed to distribute the weight of the canvas evenly, so you can’t just hang a bunch of heavy stuff.

Too many things, like chandeliers, vines, or other decor draped across that canopy, could seriously mess with its structural integrity. 

Get the details from your tent vendor on weight caps and which lightweight decor options are safe to bring in.

Why Sail Tents are Destined for Events

Combining all the design advantages, it’s easy to see why

Combining all the design advantages, it’s easy to see why

Sailcloth tents just offer an event vibe you can’t replicate any other way. 

  • Those distinctive curved peaks create an open, bright, and basically Instagram-worthy atmosphere perfect for any kind of outdoor event
  • From backyard birthdays and weddings to corporate parties, pop-ups, and beyond – raise the sail tent, and your event is guaranteed to be smooth sailing 
  • Just be sure to work through the planning details like sizing, layout, lighting, and safety with trusted tent rental pros

Then, when it’s party time, watch those rounded sailcloth peaks turn any occasion into an unforgettable gathering you (and your guests) will spend way too much time posting about.

Big Tent Energy for Any Event

Bringing your event vision to life, no matter how grand or ambitious it may be

At this point, you’re probably convinced that sail tents are the way to go for your next outdoor event. 

Can’t say we blame you – is there anything these fabric feats can’t turn into an epic party?

Tent rental companies have the hookup for sail tent venues in sizes fit for:

  • Intimate family gatherings or chic micro weddings
  • Bumping graduation celebrations
  • Next-level tailgating parties
  • Show-stopping corporate functions and galas
  • Quirky boutique pop-up experiences

We’re talking big tent energy, wherever you want to wield it. The only limit is your willingness to get a little extra creative with the styling!

A Last Reminder About Sail Tents

It just might be the key to turning your event dreams into reality

Before we go, one quick reminder for anyone ready to take the plunge into the world of sail tent events: make sure you’re renting from a reputable company that’s well-versed in these unique structures.

Because, as much as we’ve hyped up their cool-factor and versatility, sail tents still require some special accommodations for things like:

  • Weight load distribution across the sculpted canopy
  • Anchoring systems to keep them secure in the wind
  • Factoring sail tent wind ratings into your event planning
  • Navigating the local permits and fire safety codes/inspections

A little extra due diligence upfront will be worth it so you can throw your sail tent bash without any avoidable issues throwing shade at the good times.

Then, once that’s sorted out, the power of the sail tent compels you to start planning something truly epic.

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