What Is a Two Story Tent?

Turning your two story tent into a beautiful glamping oasis isn’t hard

You know those regular, boring tents that are just a simple one-level shelter? 

It’s time to literally take things to a new level with a two story tent!

A two story tent is a setup with not one but TWO floors, giving you tons of extra living space to spread out and get comfy. 

Unlike the basic tents, we’re used to, these have an additional upper level, creating a multi-story structure that’s like a mini-mansion in the great outdoors.

The Ground Floor and Second Story

The ground floor of one of these two story tents is your main hang-out zone – the perfect spot to roll out the sleeping bags, kick back on camp chairs and stash all your gear. 

But the real kicker is the second floor up top. Often called a “tree tent” or “event space,” it’s an elevated chill area that you can use for all sorts of stuff: throw an outdoor movie party, take in the starry views, or just use it as a bonus lounge room.

Weatherproof Poly-Cotton

This tried-and-true combination offers the perfect balance of strength, durability, and weather resistance

These double-decker tents are usually made from high-quality, weatherproof poly-cotton fabric, keeping you dry during relentless rain, howling winds, or brutal UV rays. 

The burly fabric construction ensures that you stay comfortable and bone-dry.

Why Go For a Two Story Tent?

The age-old question – why would anyone in their right mind want a two story tent?

Ample Space for Car Camping and Beyond

One of the biggest selling points of a two story tent is the amount of space you get. 

Whether you’re a big car camping squad rolling deep or just want plenty of room to spread out, these tents are a camper’s paradise. 

The bonus upper level gives you a whole other dimension of space, plus many have mesh roofs that make it feel refreshingly open and airy up there. 

Lightweight Construction for Easy Setup

The real trick is in the design and engineering of the setup process

You’d think something this big and multi-leveled would be a mega-heavy pain to lug around and set up, but most two story tents are lightweight and simple to pitch. 

Premium yet featherweight fabrics mean you get a mansion-sized shelter without all the back-breaking effort. Pitching your at-home living room tent will seem like child’s play in comparison.

More Than Just Camping

While obviously awesome for camping, these two story tents are versatile and multi-purpose.

  • Planning an epic fishing adventure? The upper level makes a perfect angler’s lounge
  • Throwing a backyard bash? You can get an instant event space right in your parking lot

With all their bonus square footage, you can get creative and go way beyond just camping. It’s an all-purpose recreational base camp.

Picking Your Two Story Tent

This is where the rubber really meets the road, so let’s make sure we cover all the key considerations:

Size, Dimensions, and Other Specs That Matter

The key is to carefully review the specs and visualize how the spaces will work for your needs

Obviously, you’ll want to pick your two story tent based on how many people are squeezing in there with you. 

These tents come in different shapes and sizes, from cozy abodes for you and your partner to straight-up compound tents that’ll sleep a small village, so pay attention to dimensions like ceiling height and overall footprint to make sure you’re not accidentally sizing up or down too far.

Awnings, Vestibules, and Expandable Wings

These versatile add-ons can provide a wealth of benefits

To really treat yourself like camping royalty, look for two story tent options that come with all the extra bells and whistles. Some have expandable awnings and vestibules that let you add on portable hangout rooms and shaded outdoor living areas. 

Suspended Style

There are two story hanging tents that actually suspend the whole upper palace from sturdy trees or poles. Instead of setting up the top level on the ground, it’s dangling securely in midair. Sure, it’s extra, but that’s half the fun of decking out your campsite!

Pitching Your Tent and Getting it Properly Secure

Taking the time to get it pitched and secured properly is key for your safety

Now, let’s talk about pitching that two story tent and getting it all properly secured.

Preparing the Ground

Before going into full construction mode, you have to prepare the ground situation. 

  • Scope out a nice flat level zone – no rocks, sticks, or other crud that could poke holes and drag down the vibe
  • Some campers like pitching with a ground tarp too, creating a moisture barrier and adding floor protection

Following Instructions

Who actually reads instructions these days? But for one of these intricate shelters, you’re going to want to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Their step-by-step rundowns cover everything from threading the poles to staking down guy lines. Don’t rush it!

Staking and Guying

Once your tent is constructed, you have to take securing it very seriously. 

Anchor those stakes deep, cinch up those guy lines, and make it all taut. Use all those pro attachments and tools deadman anchors, weight bags to guarantee your tent isn’t going anywhere if winds come screaming in hot.

Living Your Best Camping Life in a Two Story

Get creative, get comfy, and get out there and enjoy the great outdoors in style

After setting it up, you can already use your two-story setup as your home base. But if you want to maximize its full potential and stay comfortable, there are ways to make the most of that multi-level setup.

Insta-worthy Camping Scenes and Epic Photo Ops

Having a two story tent makes every camping trip feel crazy extra and photo-worthy:

  • Waking up surrounded by friends and family in your own personal glampground? Priceless snap! 
  • Hosting an outdoor movie party up in the second-floor lounge? That overhead shot is gonna get all the likes 

Prepare for the next level of campsite envy from all your basic single-room tent peasants.

Adding All the Camping Comforts of Home

Part of the appeal is bringing some basic living room comforts along for the ride. 

Setting up a cozy outdoor lounge area with real furniture and having a minimalist camping kitchen or heater can take things fully next level too. 

With all your bonus square footage, why not bring games, books, candles, and all the stuff that makes camping feel like a luxe Airbnb in the woods?

Final Thoughts

Rowdy night games in the mega living room tent? Check. Passing around beers or hot toddies under the stars on the top floor? Obviously. Deep bonding convos and memory-making with your BFFs in your own personal basecamp? That’s what it’s all about! Two story tents take camping with your crew to wildly new levels.

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