What’s a Kitchen Tent?

Kitchen tents provide protection for the ultimate outdoor cooking experience
Kitchen tents provide protection for the ultimate outdoor cooking experience

You’re out camping for the weekend and want to surprise your partner with a new meal you’ve learned…

You’ve been thinking about that special dinner all day but as soon as it starts getting dark, it starts raining heavily and your hopes are crushed…

Because you can’t cook out there with that nasty weather, you & your partner have to eat snacks inside your tent…

How do you feel knowing that this could have easily been avoided?

Don’t waste another second.

Learn how kitchen tents can literally transform your camping trips now.

Benefits of a Kitchen Tent

You can prep food comfortably no matter the weather conditions
You can prep food comfortably no matter the weather conditions

Stay Dry and Comfortable Inside

Have you ever tried cooking with strong wind and rain falling all over you?

If you have, you know that it isn’t a very pleasant experience.

That’s why kitchen tents are great: they keep you comfortable no matter the weather conditions so that you can focus on preparing a great meal.

Pro tip: make sure that your existing wall tent is made of waterproof materials like polyester, vinyl, or canvas to guarantee rain protection.

Protect From Sun

The sun is great, no doubt. But it can be hard to deal with if you're cooking in the Summer
The sun is great, no doubt. But it can be hard to deal with if you’re cooking in the Summer

Don’t get us wrong: we love the sun and couldn’t live in a country with very little of it.

But we also know for a fact that camping in too much heat and sun can be painful if you’re not prepared for it.

And it’s even worse with cooking: with the body movements & heat from the cooking tools, you’ll start sweating in no time.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution.

A kitchen tent:

  • Camping kitchen tents will give you the cover you need to cook without sweating on sunny days

  • Light colors and mesh roof panels diffuse sunlight while blocking the sun’s UV rays (that can be harmful if in excess)

  • Ventilation releases rising heat to prevent stuffiness inside too

Bugs Protection

Nothing’s worse than bugs pestering your food while you eat.

An outdoor kitchen tent’s sealed vinyl walls and screen tent windows create a barrier between you and any flying insects.

It’s a true game-changer and worth every dollar just for this.

More Space To Spread Out

Preparing ingredients, cooking, and doing dishes becomes easier when you have lots of space, especially if your family is all tall people.

Kitchen Tent Setup Features

Can you really call yourself a camper if you don't have your own cooking setup?
Can you really call yourself a camper if you don’t have your own cooking setup?

If you enjoy going camping, alone or with your family, you should have a camping setup.

Assuming you do, you should keep it simple to make your life easier.

Consider these easy-moving features:

  • Collapsible poles packed into compact carrying bags for easy transport

  • Pole-less tents – these take up little space when stored

  • Popup designs with pre-built frames packed into small wheeled carry bags

  • Carry bags with shoulder straps that allow you to move the entire tent in one trip

With a fast, hassle-free kitchen tent, you’ll spend less time pitching and more time having fun cooking.

What’s there not to like about that?

How To Set Up A Kitchen Tent

It's not hard to set up a kitchen tent... you just have to get started
It’s not hard to set up a kitchen tent… you just have to get started

If you’re still reading, you now know everything about how great kitchen tents are.

But there’s something missing.

How do you actually set a kitchen tent up? Is it hard?

Find a Better Location

Not surprisingly, the first step is finding a good spot where you can install your kitchen.

While personal preferences matter, we would recommend a spot away from bushes and trees that could block movement.

Also, clear away any sticks or rocks so the floor stays even.


Take everything out of your carry bag (tent body, poles, stakes, and guidelines), unfold the tent and spread it out, ready for assembly.

Connect and Insert The Poles

  • Extend the collapsible poles and snap the color-coded segments together correctly

    • If included, thread the poles through their corresponding sleeve openings

  • Attach the pole ends to the corner grommets or rings

    • For sleeve poles, feed them through the openings in sequence

  • Use the provided clips to secure the poles at each sleeve

Stake Down the Corners

Hammer the corner tent pegs through the rings and into the ground.

Remember to pull the fabric taut as you go to keep the walls straight.

Attach the Guy Lines

Finally, tie off the guy lines to their points around the top of the tent. Adjust the tension as needed.

And you’re done!

Was this too hard?

No chance.

Staying Safe

Kitchen tents completely transform your outdoor cooking experience
Kitchen tents completely transform your outdoor cooking experience

If you’re planning to cook on your next camping trip, we really recommend you think about getting one.

However, and as always, you cannot ignore safety:

  • For tents with stoves, use a stove jack and vent screens to prevent sparks from escaping

    • Completely open-screen tents pose fire risks

  • In bad weather, keep the doors shut and edges weighed down so they don’t flap around

    • Make sure the rain fly is secure

  • Watch your head on poles and the ceiling

  • Stake it down well and tight with all the tie-downs

  • Don’t hang stuff from the ceiling that could make it collapse

    • Hang lights and gear from the poles or guidelines

  • Keep the picnic table under a separate awning so they don’t crowd the cooking area

  • Face the door away from the wind or rain direction

  • Don’t ever leave stoves or grills alone inside

  • Use flashlights, not open flames, for light inside at night

Final Thoughts

Enjoying delicious food you cooked while camping is priceless
Enjoying delicious food you cooked while camping is priceless

As you see, it’s not hard to, in less than 15 minutes, have a fully functioning basecamp kitchen for all your campsite cooking needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is It Safe To Cook Inside A Tent?

Yes, if proper precautions are taken: the tent should have mesh screens and ventilation to prevent gas buildup, you should use the right gear and keep an eye on it.

Can You Put A Stove In A Tent?

You can totally use a stove in a tent if you’re smart about it. Keep the tent doors open and mesh screens closed so gas can vent but bugs stay out.

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