Where Can You Lodge In a Part Tent and Part Treehouse?

Treehouses provide a unique camping experience
Treehouses provide a unique camping experience

While often underrated, treehouses are great places where you can lodge for a unique camping experience. Take a look why

What Do You Put Inside a Treehouse?

Spending some time and money designing the interior of a treehouse may be worth it: it will enhance the overall experience of users, providing insane views in a space where comfort is king.

Confused? Here’s what you should be doing with your treehouse to take things to the next level:

1) How to Place Your Furniture

Don’t be cheap and underestimate the furniture: you should be strategic about where you place it and make sure the rooms encourage interaction among guests.

Choose cozy seating like cushioned chairs and comfortable sofas where guests can sit & talk, and enjoy each other’s company. Comfort starts where you sit!

2) Multi-Functional Layout

Assuming you have bought good furniture, you now need to try to maximize the interior space. A good way to do it is via multi-functional furniture: foldable tables & convertible sofas serve different purposes, depending on the occasion, and provide extra room.

3) Views as Focal Points

Who doesn’t enjoy admiring and taking photos on a great view? No one. And that’s why you should never ignore the views. You should:

  • Position the seating areas or relaxation spots to capitalize on the natural beauty surrounding your treehouse

  • Consider installing large windows, a wraparound balcony, or a viewing platform to frame and accentuate the views

4) Natural Elements and Décor

Embrace the ambiance of the outdoors by including natural elements in the decoration inside.

Earthy color palettes, greenery via potted plants and even hanging gardens create a beautiful transition between the indoors and the outdoors world. People will love it!

5) Easy Access Points

Ensuring that guests can easily move between the treehouse interior and the exterior is key.

Use sliding glass doors or wide-open entryways to let your guests easily move from the indoor comfort to the outside world.

6) Entertainment and Connectivity

In this day and age, you cannot ignore entertainment options such as board games, a music system, or a TV.

7) Thoughtful Amenities

Include amenities like a small kitchenette with a coffee maker, a mini-fridge, and a microwave for extra convenience.

8) Safety Measures

As always, you need to prioritize safety: sturdy railings & secure flooring are your best friends. Don’t forget to make sure that their design and structure comply with safety standards.

What Are The Different Parts of a Treehouse?

Foundation and Structure

The foundation forms the base of the treehouse, ensuring stability and support.

You’ll need resistant materials and skilled construction to make sure that your treehouse is safe and will last.

Living Space and Bedroom

If you’ve followed our tips above, your treehouse should have a comfortable & spacious living space with a queen-sized bed and additional sleeping arrangements, like a full-sized bed or extra queen size beds, adorned with own linens.

Your guests will love it.

Bathroom Amenities

A great treehouse should have a modern, full bathroom with a walk-in shower.

Kitchenette and Coffee Maker

A small kitchenette with a mini-fridge, coffee maker, and an outdoor grill is a great thing to have for simple meals and fresh coffee in the morning. Although they look simple, these modern amenities elevate the treehouse experience.

Entertainment and Recreation

If you still want to make your guests’ experience even better, your treehouse rental should include board games and a coffee table: there’s nothing better to encourage quality leisure time within a family.

Outdoor Features

Finally, your outdoor area should ideally have a hot tub, a fire pit, and a picnic table for outdoor dining experiences.

If you include all these features in your treehouse, your guests won’t stop coming back.


Treehouses offer guests an opportunity to disconnect from the chaos of daily life and reconnect with nature without sacrificing the comforts of modern living.

If you’re managing one or are planning on building your own treehouse, follow our tips to make sure that your guests will never leave you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Treehouses Normally Designed for Camping Purposes?

Treehouses tend to be crafted to provide a camping experience while keeping guests above ground.

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